Privacy Policy

Idealcarseat’s privacy policy enunciates how we may use and protect the personal data you give when you use our website.

It is in our best interests to alter this policy at any time, and you will be promptly informed. If you plan on checking on the most recent changes, we encourage you frequently to visit this page.

What information about the user do we collect?

The web server may gather the following information when you visit the site.

  • Your System IP address
  • Your Contact info and email address.
  • Other details like interests and preferences.
  • The information we collect from our website with regard to your behavior.

Why do we collect information about you?

We collect your data so we can turn it into useful statistics. We are collecting your information for a certain purpose.

  • It would be helpful in order to comprehend your needs.
  • To improve our content and services according to your need.
  • To create your commercial email messages containing the topics we think you’ll find energizing.
  • You will be contacted to participate in surveys and other types of market research.

Restricting the collection or storage of your Personal Information.

You may want to restrict the use and collection of your information at some point. You can accomplish this by doing the following.

When you are filling out forms on the website, make sure to check to see whether there is a box that you can leave unchecked, if you don’t wish to disclose your information.

You can contact us via email anytime if you have any additional questions about accessing your personal information.

Idealcarseats will not rent, sell or use your information to cross-reference, aggregate, or disclose to any third party unless we have your consent to abide by our privacy principles.

We might perform such actions if required by law. Your personal info will be stored when you would like to receive info about your deals from us if you consent to this user agreement clearly.

Thank You!!

Author (Rashid Habib)